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New Roleplaying Thread
« on: September 13, 2005, 08:23:06 PM »
OOC: I've been out of it for a while, but now that I have a (somewhat regulated) schedule put back together, I figured I'd try my hand at an RP thread.  Feel free to join in!

With a deep, heavy sigh, Neo (he'd really disliked his full first name, and preferred Neo as a nickname), tossed his Potions book down onto the table.  He'd just managed to stay up through the entire night studying, and yet he still felt as ignorant as when he had started.

Stretching, he glanced at the fireplace, noting that the small fire he'd built to keep himself warm had begun to die down again.  Grumbling to himself, he got up, tugged his sweater back down, and shuffled over to rekindle the flames.

As his hands went about the task by rote, his mind wandered.  It had been quite a long time since he'd first arrived here, wide-eyed and fascinated by this place.  He'd gotten to know a few of the students, most from his house...but something was missing.  Something felt different.  He knew the feeling; it had been there ever since he had arrived.  It was the feeling of being alone in the middle of a crowd.  It was the feeling of isolation, of loneliness, and the terrible burden of bearing one's fears, secrets and sorrows of life alone.

He knew that he wasn't really even close to being welcome in any of the major social circles.  Heck, even most of his house looked at him askance, especially when one of his little paper-snakes went gliding past their feet.  He'd been an oddity among the odd, the curious cat among the sly, cunning, power-hungry panthers.  He only wished to learn, to know, to understand and comprehend.  He wanted to be involved in everything, to be everywhere, and to know everyone.  But that was impossible.  Most of the students judged him based on that Sorting, and those who were of his house didn't understand him, and didn't show any inclination to do so.

Sighing again, he got back up from the floor, which reflected on its cold stones the flickering shadow of the now cheery fire dancing in the fireplace.  Neo sat down at the table, glanced once at his piles of books (most of which were from the library), and dozed off with the books spinning around him, opening at random places and plying him with their contents.
I have found that the pursuit of knowledge and the pursuit of friends often find their paths splitting and running in completely opposite directions.