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Author Topic: The Christmas Ball  (Read 1311 times)


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Re:The Christmas Ball
« Reply #90 on: March 07, 2004, 09:27:05 AM »

"But they don't know me, and my friends and I were saying you were evil...hey, of what they know about me, I wouldn't like me either!"said Sam
"Stop being so dramatic and just help me help our friends."said Lena
"So, what is wrong with Kelpie and Rob?"said Sam curiously
"Well, Kelpie has turned back into a vampire, and Rob, I don't really remember..."said Stormy
"A vampire? Kelpie's a vampire?"said Sam shocked
"Oh no, you're not going to go back into your whole "She's evil" thing are you?"said Stormy, "Look, in detention which was in the forbidden forest, she got bitten. It's not her fault, she's not evil."
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Re:The Christmas Ball
« Reply #91 on: March 07, 2004, 11:17:13 AM »

'Anyway, you're one to talk about being evil.' Lena said, scorning him.
'Ssh!' Sam warned her, then whispered, 'Stormy doesn't know, remember!'
'I don't know what?' Stormy asked.
'Nothing, nothing!' Lena said hurriedly. She looked around for a distraction. 'Oh, we're at the hospital wing, which is where I'm guessing Kelpie and Rob shall be!' she rambled.
' - and, I really hope it would work between us.' came Rob's voice from inside the hospital wing.
'Hiya Rob!' Lena shouted to him. He jumped, and Madame Pomfrey came out of a side door and looked at them disapprovingly. 'Don't shout in here, Ms Tonks, this is a hospital wing!' she boomed.
'Sorry Madame Pomfrey.' Lena said half-heartedly, and then went up to Kelpie. 'Is she okay? What happened? Why does she look like this?' she asked quickly, expecting the answers as quickly as she had asked the questions.
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