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Title: New MoM?
Post by: Cho Chung on June 21, 2004, 01:22:56 PM
This thread is sparked by Morgan's posting of interview tidbits with JKR:

Is there going to be a new Minister of Magic in the next books?

Yes. Ha! Finally, a concrete bit of information, I hear you cry!

So, who do people think it is? 

The obvious answer, I think, is Dumbledore, which is why I think it won't happen. 

I have a hard time thinking that she'd introduce someone new for that position, though.  I'm pulling for Arthur, though I also think it's unlikely.

Ooooh!  What if it were Lucius Malfoy??  Wouldn't that be terrible?
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Morgan Granger on June 21, 2004, 01:31:19 PM
What might really tick Umbridge off is if it were Lupin!  :roll:

Actually, it could be Malfoy...think about it, there's going to be a big "war" at the end of the seventh book...Lucious could be the one starting it!

What about Moody? That'd be cool...cause he'd know when bad was coming around...

I would like to hope it' d be not Dumbledore, but one of the people from the Order... because then Percy would come begging for mercy from his father...that'd be funny! Don't ya think?  ;D
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Kelpie on June 21, 2004, 02:26:27 PM
I'm not sure he would, he is quite proud.

I thought it might be Percy, he might manage to make his way up there, with a lot of hard work and a good sponsour (Albus Dumbledore).

(Morgan, have you finished the fifth book, just to know, because one of your examples...)
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Morgan Granger on June 21, 2004, 03:00:05 PM
Yes, I've finished the fifth book...oops! I see it now too! *goes and edits it*
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Jan-lo on June 22, 2004, 09:27:07 AM
I think Dumbledore's too smart to have his hands tied dealing with the Ministry when he needs to be out taking a more active role in the war. He's already turned the position down once.  I got a chill thinking it could be Lucious Malfoy. That makes all sorts of sense - he's got the power, money and reputation. Then again, the Ministry has had to admit that Voldemort is now back, and anyone with thinly veiled connections to the Death Eaters couldn't possibly be voted in, could they? (Is it even by vote?)

Lupin's a werewolf. He'll never get the job - but I doubt anyone in the Order would take it, as they'll be too busy. I can't think of too many Ministry names, though, so I don't have any decent guesses.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Kelpie on June 22, 2004, 10:05:58 AM
I could just be someone we've never heard of. I can imagine Harry at school, and then there's this new minister of magic, who does not like him, and all kinds of stuff...just use your imagination.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Morgan Granger on June 22, 2004, 11:39:00 AM
Well, Cornelious Fudge believes Malfoy's on the good side, so maybe so do a lot of other people...but I like the idea of a totally new person. True, authors try not to introduce too many new people in later books in the Series they write, but since she's introduced a new DADA teacher every year, she can probably find a way to introduce a new Minster of Magic...

I wonder if theres a big fiasco in the 6th Book about Fudge wanting to keep his job, but people want him out, so he gets kicked out of office and this new Minister of Magic is much better in certain peoples opinions, and then in the 7th Book they find out he's really a Death Eater, and he brought in Lord Voldemort and la-de-da-de-da! That would be the kind of book I'd want to read!
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Heather on June 22, 2004, 10:56:10 PM
I don't think it will be Malfoy.  Wasn't he sent to Azkaban at the end of OoP?

I think that the new MoM would be Amelia Bones or another member of the Wizengamot. 

What I would fear would be Amos Diggory becoming MoM.  He resents Harry and could be a nightmare for Harry (and Dumbledore's) future.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Kelpie on June 23, 2004, 09:16:47 AM
Yes, but he does beleive that LV is back because his son died to him, so at least, he'd most probably be fair with Harry.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Morgan Granger on June 23, 2004, 12:36:57 PM
No, Malfoy wasn't sent to Azkaban at the end of OotP...I don't think they caught anyone...did they?

The only thing is with Amelia Bones, a bunch of people in the DADA thread think she'll be the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, and she obviously can't have two jobs at once...unless she's DADA this next year, and then she has to leave because she's nominated for MoM in book 7...  ??? What do you guys think?
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Susan Bones on June 23, 2004, 12:48:09 PM
Morgan, there's a conversation at the end where Draco Malfoy tells Harry he'll "get him" for putting his dad in Azkaban.

Are you sure you've read the end of OotP?
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Jan-lo on June 23, 2004, 12:58:08 PM
Not only does Malfoy tell Harry he'll get him, but he says, "The Dementors have left Azkaban. Dad and the others'll be out in no time."

Most of the Death Eaters were rounded up by Dumbledore and the others, but Bellatrix LeStrange was rescued, apparently by Voldemort himself. The rest went to Azkaban, including Lucious Malfoy.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Morgan Granger on June 23, 2004, 01:10:12 PM
Really *goes and gets OotP and opens it up* Oh...I guess it does say that...  :laugh:

Yes, I've read it...I'm still asleep right now, I had a long day yesterday, and I'm rarely awake, but yes I've read OotP...

I remember it now....

Here's a way to prove that I've read it:

At the very end, Harry opens up Sirius's mirror and calls for Sirius. Then he goes to Nearly Headless Nick and has the conversation about who can become ghosts and who can't. Then when he heads back up to the tower, Luna isn't at the feast either, because some people were making fun of her and took her stuff as an end-of-the-year prank.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Cho Chung on June 24, 2004, 02:55:57 PM
*points to topic title*

I agree that someone on the Wizengamot would be the most likely choice, since they're already in authority in some way.  I still like the Amelia Bones idea.  Remind me, what does she do in the Ministry, again?
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Heather on June 24, 2004, 09:56:57 PM
She is the head of Magical Law Enforcement.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Kelpie on June 25, 2004, 02:10:34 AM
I'm almost a 100% sure that she was the person, at Harry's trial, was extremely impressed of the fact that Harry could do real partonuses since he was 13, so, at least I don't think she would be unfair to him, like we thought Amos might be...She seems like a nice, intelligent person, who would listen to Dumbledore...well, I'm not really that sure about the last thing, but I do see it possible with her...but I still see the idea possible that JKR introduced a new character (someone pewerful of course, so on the Wizengamot or something like that).
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Morgan Granger on June 25, 2004, 02:56:39 PM
I believe she was the person who was amazed that Harry produced a Patronus. Susan Bone's was the one who said, "My auntie told me." Or something like that at the first D.A. meeting.

The new DA teacher could also be secretly in the Order. ;)
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Madeleine on June 25, 2004, 04:27:02 PM
As in someone already IN the Order, or someone who will join it when they get the position?
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Morgan Granger on June 25, 2004, 04:29:48 PM
Someone already in the Order.

I don't know why, but I love ( <3 ) the idea that the DA Professor is in charge of watching out for Harry/Hermione/Ron/Ginny and anyone else important.  ^-^
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Cho Chung on July 12, 2004, 11:08:20 AM
I was re-reading CoS and there's a part in there somewhere where Ron tells Harry that Percy is really ambitious and wants to be the MoM someday.  So here's a thought:  what if Percy is the new MoM?  I mean, he's certainly moved himself into some of the right positions, but he's got family ties that might make him see reason.

Whaddaya think??
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Permlessgirl on July 12, 2004, 01:52:32 PM
I think that's a definate possibility Cho, especially if it's been mentioned. Seems the type of clue JK would put in for us.

What I'd like to know is: why do you think there will be a new MoM? I mean, how do you think it will come about. Will Fudge be demoted because he isn't doing a proper job, or will he be killed and they'll be forced to get a new one? Or will it just be time for a re-election? I mean, does anyone know how that system works? I wonder if it's run like our government systems where he would serve his term until the next election? Except I don't think they're even elected, If I remember correctly. Urg. Confusing.  
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Cho Chung on July 12, 2004, 02:22:10 PM
I could see something like a vote of no-confidence like they have for the PM in England/Britain.  I guess I don't totally understand how the political system works, but it's clearly a political office, so there must have been an election of sorts.

Somewhere it says that someone wanted Dumbledore to run, but he wasn't interested. . . or something like that.  Er, can't recall, really.

I could see, though, that people might call for Fudge to step down after the fiasco of proclaiming over and over that LV was not back and then finding him in the middle of the MoM offices.  I suppose he might also get killed?  He's foolhardy enough to land himself in that kind of trouble, I think.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Madeleine on July 12, 2004, 05:17:57 PM
They said they wanted Dumbledore to BE MoM, not run for it.  Of course, that may not make any difference because if he DID run for it, I'm sure he'd win.  He's Dumbledore!   ;D

I somehow see a scandal coming to light, maybe something to do with goblins and Gringott's Bank.  (There have been hints in that direction - in the Quibbler, so you really never know.)  I hope Umbridge is proven to have sent the Dementors after Harry, which has GOT to be illegal, and that she's sent to Azkaban.  You know, if she ever recovers after that episode with the centaurs.  ... I wonder what they did to her, anyway....  And what the Ministry might do to THEM because of it.  But that's a whole new thread.

I somehow don't see it being Percy.  He's too young.  I think he might be very high up, but... not that high.  There are too many other people with experience ahead of him.

What if it was Arthur, though?  Boy, that would really burn in Percy's craw.  Might help him come to reason, though, and get over his big fat head.

I really think it's going to be either someone completely new, or someone we don't know very well yet.  I'm still routing for that Auror in the OoP.  Kingsley?  *goes to check Lexicon*  Kingsley Shacklebot.  He's cool.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Kelpie on July 13, 2004, 04:07:18 AM
Hermione would probably hope that the next Minister of magic would be a house elf, like Dobby. Well, probably she'd want someone who actually knew what they were doing, but if she did know the next MoM, she'd probably try and convince him to get a house elf into the ministry. Anyway, to get back on the subject: I don't think that it's going to be some creature who will become the next minister of magic, because wizards (well, most of them anyway) are the most intelligent magical race, so it would make more sense if it was one of them taking charge of the entire magical world.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Madeleine on July 13, 2004, 12:39:54 PM
I think the centaurs at least would beg to differ.  ;)

The Minister is just in charge of Britain, right?  Every nation has their own minister?  I wonder if they have a magical sort of UN?  :p  :D
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Susan Bones on July 13, 2004, 01:00:09 PM
I have a feeling the centaurs believe they are above such things as petty human government. :laugh:

Kelpie, I think you're right about an elf in the Ministry.  But Hermione is going to have to get some more help from a more substanial source, someone who isn't a mere student....I wonder who that will be?
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: SeaShelly3 on July 23, 2004, 10:47:01 AM
I'm still pulling for Arthur. Not only do I hope it'll be him, but logically, I think it really could be him. I think that now that the Death Eaters have been caught, that the OoP will have to full support of the Ministry; maybe even receive backing from aurors? Anyways, the leader of the OoP is Dumbledore, but he'll never take the MoM job in a million years. Lucius is a criminal, and now the Ministry knows it, so I think not. I highly doubt a non-human minister, also. I think Arthur is perfect for the job. The only thing holding him back is his muggle fixation. Maybe well get some more information about Wizard-Muggle relations in HBP? Maybe the HBP is influential enough to persuade wizards to give up Muggle hatred? And that's why Arthur, with his lowly job in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts department, would be chosen?

Also, I think there was a subtle hint in OoP that Arthur would make it. Here's the quote (as near as I can remember.)

"Fat chance," said Ron. "We've got about as much chance of winning the Quidditch Cup as Dad's got of becoming Minister of Magic."

And then they did win the Quidditch Cup.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Deedra Malfoy on July 24, 2004, 02:01:41 PM
I have to agree with SeaShelly3. Arthur all the Way!
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: sailorwinter on December 17, 2004, 03:28:08 PM
I think they are definitely going to get a new MoM. Who would want a MoM who lied to everyone just to keep his job and his respect?
I don't think it will be Lucius Malfoy, though. Wasn't he captured by Dumbledore and sent to Azkaban at the end of OotP? They wouldn't want a scumbag like that as MoM! I definitely want Arthur, but that might not happen.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Cho Chung on December 17, 2004, 04:38:24 PM
I agree, Sailorwinter.  I would want Arthur as well, but I think JKR has already said Arthur will not be the new MoM.

Can anyone confirm this report?
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: SeaShelly3 on December 17, 2004, 10:05:45 PM
JKR said so in the FAQ section of her site.

So who does that leave as a possibility? Percy? Lupin? I like the idea of Kingsley, too.

What if it was Molly? Thinking a bit too far outside the box now, but it would be neat.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Cho Chung on December 17, 2004, 10:38:34 PM
Quite far outside the box.  I don't think Molly would make a good MoM.  She's too ... unreasonable.  I hate to say it, but there it is.  I don't know Kingsley well enough, yet, to know.  I'd love to see Lupin as MoM.  I think he'd be good.

Um, yeah.  No other thoughts. 
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Madeleine on December 17, 2004, 11:46:50 PM
No way it will be Lupin with all the stigma against werewolves.  He can't even teach at Hogwarts without people freaking out.  *sigh*

You know, JKR might, just MIGHT introduce a new character.  ;)  Of course, with all the characters she already has making cameos or taking important roles you need a place like the HP Lexicon just to keep track of them all.  But they're all so fun!  Quirky and interesting and delightful.  And some really irritating, but you've got to have them.

Personally?  I think if it's not Kingsley it's going to be someone new.  Or someone mentioned in passing that we're completely unfamiliar with.

....  So when is HBP coming out??
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Cho Chung on December 18, 2004, 08:43:37 AM
*looks at watch*

Oh, in forever and a day. ... :-\
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: RSM on December 18, 2004, 03:00:55 PM
Yea. I agree, it should be Aurthur..
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Xan on December 19, 2004, 05:20:15 AM
I agree with Cho ... Molly wouldn't make a good MoM. A good mom, yeah, sure, but not MoM. (Okay, bad pun, moving on... :P)

Lupin getting the job would be really cool, but unlikely ... I think it's gonna be someone we haven't heard of yet.
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Heather on December 19, 2004, 11:33:12 AM
You know, JKR might, just MIGHT introduce a new character.

I agree with Mad that it may be a new character.  Each book has a new character that adds a new twist or explains a subplot.  It would make the fight against YKW too easy if the new MoM is someone we know and trust.  There will still have to be conflict within the MoM as to how to proceed - there should still be unrevealed Death Eaters lurking around there.  I think the book would be more interesting if there is suspicion or distrust surrounding the new MoM.  Also, there could be a power struggle for the MoM position leading to a rift among the Order as well. Conflict tends to be a more interesting plot device than giving the public exactly what they want.  JKR's books are too clever to serve up exactly what we want when there is still a new book to go.  Is there any chance that the HBP could be the new MOM?
Title: Re: New MoM?
Post by: Ping on December 19, 2004, 01:10:35 PM
Is there any chance that the HBP could be the new MOM?

Took the words right out of my ... fingers. :)

Ooooo, what if the HBP was the new MoM who took authoriatian-like control, so people just called him a prince, like a nick-name, but really he was like the old ministry that locked people away without fair trials and such, like Crouch?

I can't even think straight. Must be the not-bronchitis.